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New Movie Casting
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Thanks for all those who participated in the PRAISE BAND film!
Casting the Film "APRIL FOOLS DAY"
Hey all!
I am working with Maxann Crotts and we are casting the horror/thriller...APRIL FOOL'S DAY.
We need lots of extras for courtroom scenes, lawyer types, ballroom/party scene, beauty pageant scene and more!
Extras can send photos ASAP to:
Marty Siu Casting
6640-I Old Monroe Rd  Suite 200
Indian Trail, NC  28079-5360
Send ASAP, as we start filming on Thurs, Sept 20th!
Thanks so much!  We will be back to you as soon as we can!
We will be at the Historic South End, 1506 Camden Rd, next to
Jillian's in Uptown Charlotte from 4-6PM.
Please bring a non returnable, close up photo of yourself to leave with us for casting.
If you do not have a photo, we can provide a photo for you for $2.00.
See you then!


Those that are not in the movie business do not understand how payment works, so I would like to explain it to you. Extras are typically paid minimum wage to work. Sometimes extras are not paid, but work on a volunteer basis.  This is a good way to get to see yourself on screen, as well as be close to the stars that are in the film.  This is just another way to get some experience in the film industry!
The below information is regarding paid actors or extras:
You are hired by the Casting Director to be in the film.  The production company/movie company, hires the Casting Director to find extras or background actors for the film.  The production company/movie company, will hire a PAYROLL COMPANY that will be in charge of paying you for your work.  You will know that name of the company on the day you report to work.  You will have a voucher to fill out, and you will need your Social Security number, a driver's license, or valid ID, or if you have a Passport, that is fine also.  Children will also need their SS#, along with a school ID, or some other form in which we can determine who you are.  It could be a statement from the doctor.  We need 2 types of ID from each person, before you can work.
If you work in SC, you do not need a Workers Permit.  If you work in NC and you are under 17, you will need a workers permit to work.  Please bring a copy of that also.
Sometimes it can take 4-6 weeks for you to be paid.  Please be patient.  However, if you have not received your check after this time, please feel free to give us a call, and we will call the payroll company for you to inquire.
Thanks to all!