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Oscar nominated, Jackie Burch, coming to Charlotte, NC!!

Hi actors!

Oscar nominated Casting Director Jackie Burch is planning to do an
Acting Workshop HERE in Charlotte, for one weekend, this September,
as she prepares to MOVE TO NC! 
She puts people on the map!  Listed are some of her credits:
"The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Coming to America, Mask, Predator,
Die Hard, The Santa Clause 2, Another 48 Hours, RoadHouse,
Spelling Bee, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer", 
and tons more! 
 I worked with Jackie here in Charlotte when she was Casting The Perfect Game last fall.

Anyway, her workshop will fill up VERY QUICKLY, so I strongly
recommend you sign up right away and put this on your calendar!
Jackie will still work all over the place, but plans to bring more
work here to the Southeast as she moves to Wilmington to be closer to
her kid's college. 
She needs to develop a NC talent pool!  I can't
wait!  She's amazing!!  This will be publicly announced to the
agents soon, so we can get the seats filled plenty in advance, so let
me know right away if you want me to put your name on the list, and
I'll do it now.  
This workshop is one weekend only... the last weekend in September.  
You have a choice to go either on Saturday or Sunday.

The cost is $150.00 for the day.  It'll be an
all day workshop.  She'll do scene studies with you, day player roles
with you, techniques, critiques, etc... In some cases several actors
will audition for the same part and you'll learn why one actor got
the part over another, and how you can better land a role at your
next audition.  This is a huge opportunity!  Let me know if you're
Just email me that you want to be there, and I will put you on the list and
give me the day you want to come, either Sat 29th or Sun 30th, and
also email me your tel#.
PLAZA HOTEL, right off of I-77 and CAROWINDS BLVD, NC/SC Line.
There is a Shoneys right there too.  Can't miss it!
You can pay at the door, and bring a money order made out to JACKIE BURCH for $150.00, and bring 2 headshots for scene study.
Be there around 8:30am.
Time is from 9-5pm, on Sat and Sunday!

The best workshop ever!

Copyright 2007